Best foods for losing fat

food losing fat

Many people thought that food only increases weight and to lose weight you should decrease the amount of your meal and do exercise. But this is not true. As there are a lot of foods which help you to get rid of extra weight. This process is associated with the quality not only the quantity, actually, the total calories that contribute to weight gain. To reach your goal you should think about what should you add to your meal not what should you take away?

When you are having a high carbohydrate diet, everything it’s rapidly absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract.

These rapid absorption processes increase your sense of hunger as you need to fill your empty stomach. Insulin release occurs in response to hyperglycemia which starts to stimulate cells to take up glucose from the circulation, causes some cells to store glucose in the form of glycogen which is stored to limit, the above limit amounts start to be fat and stored in adipose tissue.

The fat stored in adipose tissue has high calories and you need more effort to get rid of it.

What do you need in your diet to lose weight?

Raw Fruits & Vegetables – Your body burns 16% more calories after you eat a meal rich in fruits & vegetables. Also, fruits are rich in Vitamin C. which liquefies body fat.

High Protein foods – High protein diet expands more calories to be absorbed.

Fats – Not all fat is bad but there is a category of fat that helps you to burn your fat. The commonest form is Omega-3 fats acid which helps your body to respond better to a hormone called Leptin which suppresses your appetite, increases your metabolism and more fat is burned.

Spicy Foods – The importance of spicy foods is that it helps your body to expend calories, As the body when is deprived of food for a long time, it can deal with this condition and prevent any loss of calories.

Foods which helps you decrease your weight.

Apples – are low-calorie and high in fiber. Pectin found in apples can prevent your body from absorbing too much fat and causes your body to release more calories too as it is high in fiber. Pectin is also a strong appetite suppressant that keeps you satisfied for long periods causing you not to overeat so you won’t gain weight.

Grapefruit – which acts via lowering the insulin levels in your body that trigger your system to store fat. Also, it is rich in fibers that decrease your appetite and expand more calories to break it down.

Avocados – contain sugar that helps lower insulin levels to prevent you from storing fat.

Green Tea – which speeds up your brain and nervous system, causing your body to burn more calories.

Coffee – has caffeine which gives you a boost. Just ensure that you don’t exceed 2 cups per day or will suffer from irritability.

Almonds – almonds’ essential fatty acids help raise your body’s metabolism, just don’t overdo it because they’re also very high in calories.

Spinach – help you to be strong and healthy. In addition to speeding up your metabolism, it’s a great source of antioxidants, magnesium, potassium, iron, and vitamin C.

Beans – low in fat and packed with protein, beans keep you full for a long duration, and your body must burn extra calories to process this fiber-rich food.

Jalapenos – causes your body to burn extra calories for hours after you ingest them, speeding up both your heart rate and metabolism.

Curry -Like jalapenos, curry increases the number of calories your body burns and speeds up your metabolism.

Broccoli – contains a highly effective metabolism-boosting team of nutrients: calcium and vitamin C. Calcium acts as a metabolic trigger, while vitamin C helps your body absorbs more calcium.

Oatmeal – Because your body takes a long time to break down the fat-soluble fiber in oatmeal, this healthy food lowers your body’s insulin level and speeds up your metabolism.

Soy Milk – Fortified soy milk is loaded with calcium, which helps boost your metabolism. Just stay away from the sweetened varieties.

Fish – Eat more fish like Salmon, Tuna, and Sardines which contain the Leptin hormone.

Turkey – This protein-rich meat builds lean muscle tissue, which causes your body to burn extra calories and raises your metabolism.


Amna Sheikh is a medical doctor with a Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS), Bachelors in Economics and Statistics.  She is also a medical writer working as a freelancer for 10+ years and she is specialized in medical, health, and pharmaceutical writing, regulatory writing & clinical research. All her work is supported by a strong academic and professional experience.
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