Cardio Exercises

The heart is the central organ of the body that pumps blood and contracts. It is composed of three muscular layers and is, therefore, the muscular organ. As we know that using our body, makes our muscles stronger likewise heart muscles need to be strong to perform work perfectly. If the heart is strong, it […]

Get more blood flow and oxygen to the brain with physical exercises.

“YOU SHOULD DO EXERCISE.” “EXERCISE KEEP YOU FRESH” and “EXERCISE PROTECT YOU FROM DANGEROUS DISEASES” All these expressions and more we hear, or read many times. Some of us ask Why all these talks about exercises? What is the importance of the exercises? Does exercise is so important to this degree? The answer is “YES” […]

Nutritional advices for bodybuilding

A common mistake among many athletes, where they feel that the muscle building and bodybuilding programs are based on exercise and neglect the importance of the food, muscle building program requires running a long and difficult journey aims to acquire the proper physical perfection. There is no doubt that weight lifting exercises play a fundamental […]

Health and fitness exercises

A healthy life is one of the basic requirements of all human beings. Everyone needs to be strong, graceful, to move with ease. They want to accept physical, emotional, and mental challenges without strain. All this depends on the good health of the people and their physical fitness, which supports mental and emotional energy and […]

Creatine effect over the body

The benefits of creatine can be summarized as it improves the level of athletic performance, which is characterized by strength, and it depletes rapidly during extreme exercises, especially when the performance is repeated over a short time, where the body needs to achieve a balance between the missing and the consumer amount of fluids, thus […]

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