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A successful day begins with a fresh brain and mind. The brain is the gluttonous organ of the body. It needs energy and power to perform the tasks, think creatively and communicate effectively. To make the brain function powerful, it is necessary to nurture it with healthy food. Some foods must be added to the daily routine to increase the power of the brain.

The following foods are recommended by health experts as being good to support the health of your brain and to improve its functions.


Almond is the master of nuts to improve brainpower and memory. A person should dip the 6-10 almonds in clear water before going to sleep. Wrap off the almonds and eat them early in the morning before going to the office. Other energetic nuts for the brain are walnuts, cashews, hazelnuts, sunflower seeds, and peanuts.

Green vegetables

Add a lot of vegetables to your diet plan. It is good if you make a plate of green vegetables at lunchtime. Add a mixture of cabbage, potatoes, tomato, carrot, and others of your taste and choice.


Fruits are always good for health and brain function. Apple is the most effective in terms of making the brain healthy as it is also said that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Dates are also very effective for health. They have a direct impact on the brain. You should take at least 3-4 dates in a day.

Milk & Eggs

Milk is rich in nutrients. One should take milk regularly in the morning or before going to sleep at night. Brain atrophy is processed when the brain stops working. Eggs are the best protectors of the brain in this case. Eggs are rich in vitamins and therefore they speed up the functioning of the brain. Boil eggs daily in the morning and eat them with milk. In this way, your day will take a healthy start.

Green and Black tea

Tea is always considered good for brain activation. When a person is tired, he always urges the need for tea. Both black and green tea is good for brain health. However, too much consumption of black tea is not good for health and you should take it once or twice a day. On the other hand, green tea is much more effective than black tea and you should take two cups of green tea after dinner.

Whole Grains

Where whole grains are used for losing weight, they also play an important role in providing energy to the brain. They enhance blood circulation towards the brain. The brain works faster throughout the day. It also contains thiamine that is proved as an efficient nutrient for improving memory.


Cocoa is also rich in nutrients and provides power to the brain if one piece of chocolate is eaten daily. It tastes delicious and people are always fond of eating chocolates. You can take it with you to the office in your purse and eat whenever you feel hungry and lazy.

Eat healthily and stay healthily always.


Amna Sheikh is a medical doctor with a Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS), Bachelors in Economics and Statistics.  She is also a medical writer working as a freelancer for 10+ years and she is specialized in medical, health, and pharmaceutical writing, regulatory writing & clinical research. All her work is supported by a strong academic and professional experience.
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