How to take dietary supplements wisely? Do they have any side effects?

How to take dietary supplements?

Dietary Supplements

Dietary supplements are combinations of experimentally derived natural food ingredients (Animal, vegetable, and other materials within the diet such as vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, and amino acids), these are products that can influence the body’s biochemical mechanisms and contain food material or composite which is used by the person who aims to increase its rate in the body or muscle cells to improve performance to achieve a specific goal such as obtaining the necessary energy, or to increase muscle mass, or to maintain overall health, and all that without ever contain any chemical compounds.

The problem these days is the difficulty to obtain proper and full nutrition out of ordinary food, making the supplements a very important factor in enjoying a life free of health problems, and now more than ever our food system is falling behind, and can’t provide us with the proper nutrition needed by our bodies to work efficiently, where the vast majority of us eat canned and not fresh food, even fresh foods, take a long time to be moved from the farms, which helps in losing much of its nutritional value, and that drew the attention to the use of dietary supplements, which is the optimal way to get whole food components that provide the body with energy, vitality, and activity.

The sources of our food are directly linked to the high rate of infection with many serious diseases, where studies have shown that heart diseases, diabetes, cancer, and strokes are associated with a direct correlation to what we eat and how active we are, and since the logic says that athletes are generally the most people in need for proper nutrition and integrated elements, then we can deduce that those people are the most familiar with the importance of feeding the body properly and the importance of supplying minerals, vitamins and essential fatty acids and the amino acids, and these are the substances responsible for the rates of physical force and the nature of mood and psychological condition and the recovery process of the cells after strenuous and hard work.

Supplements that can help to avoid certain kinds of health problems

Complex vitamin (B): it helps to prevent anemia and to compensate for the missing vitamin (B), this vitamin is taken at 100 mg 3 times a day.

Injection of vitamin (B 12): it Increases the appetite and prevents both hair loss and damage to multiple organs in the body, if the injection isn’t available, it can be taken by emulsification tablets or tablets under the tongue, it is taken at 1 cubic cm 3 times a week, or according to the doctor prescription.

Vitamin (C): Vitamin C is necessary as it is very important for the damaged immune system, and to decrease the pressure on the adrenal gland.

Brewer’s yeast: Yeast contains balanced amounts of vitamin B, the anorexia nervosa patient takes a teaspoon amount per day and then it increased to a tablespoon a day.

Whole food supplements

Whole Food Supplements

Few of us know or care about the components of the food we have. We should know at least our requirements and which type of food we should have to get our needs, the number of our needs, and from where we get them.

Food is so important for our healthy life. It helps us to continue our life.

We should know about the sources of our food, which may be sources like cereals, fruits, vegetables, and nuts or animal sources like meat, fish meat, milk, eggs, and others.

To know about the needs of our food we should know the composition of the food which may be carbohydrates, fat, protein, vitamins, and minerals. Notice that there are substances that are essential and should be supplied as our body can’t synthesize them alone.

In our diet we should have all the elements not concentrate on one type over the other elements as any decrease or increase of any substance of our daily requirements will surely cause the manifestation of variable types of diseases.

There is a great false fixed belief that vitamins are only what our bodies need if we get them this will make us so strong, even without any supply care about the other elements of lipids, proteins, carbohydrates, and minerals.

Some people seek to get processed food or get regular use of vitamins. Both of them harm themselves, as they prevent great benefits to affect their bodies. They are affected not only in a physical way but also emotionally affection will occur. As changes in the mood, sensations of fatigue and stress occur.

No one can ignore the importance of vitamins in our life but many people concentrate to have vitamins regularly without any cause, as a disease needs to be treated with vitamins as their deficiency or depletion by other diseases, by other meaning doctors do not prescribes them, they will suffer from overdoses of vitamins will occur which have severe side effects and will need treatment.

When we have whole food supplements it’s very great as we will have the advantage of each substance they have.

With whole foods, we get vitamins and minerals, essential fatty acids, and amino acids great benefits altogether.

Also, whole food supplements contain a lot of vitamins, electrolytes, and minerals in complex forms. they are very important for our body. They have a role in acid-base balance and neurological effects.

A well-balanced diet is required for our healthy life. It’s achieved by having variable, essential, healthy food.

Regular vitamin supplements can offer us only some vitamins or some minerals, but our body can’t use that vitamin if it doesn’t have all the other substances required to react with them. Whole food supplements practically provide us with all the substances our body and our brain need so they can react with each other and have the effect we are looking for. Our body functions are very complex and we need all types of micronutrients for all these functions to work properly. Some of them are synthesized in our body, but many others of them have to be provided from external sources like foods or nutritional supplements.

natural supplement

Natural Supplements

These days people are becoming more conscious about their health because in the last few decades unhealthy lifestyles led them to numerous hazardous diseases. Good
health depends upon healthy food, workout, good sleep, and natural supplements. How to have good health is the most important question.

In this modern age, an average person most of his/her free time sitting in front of the TV and computer, and they hardly do any kind of physical activity in their daily life. Besides, people are having bad habits in this modern age which led them to diseases like heart, obesity, insomnia, and many more. But still, people are becoming more conscious about their health.

They use natural supplements to cover up the deficiencies that they were having improper food habits. And the supplement pills industry is becoming a large industry. People spend 30 to 50 million only in the US per annum on supplements things.

By taking natural supplements we can achieve the benefits of a healthy life. These supplements are just the right way to enhance value supplements diet or nutrients that we are missing in our daily life. Most people don’t even know whether natural supplements are good for them or not. It should be understood that natural supplements are a supplement for nutrients that offer essential nutrients to the body according to their prerequisite. Hence, these supplements are manifestly advantageous.

Supplement benefits include enhancement of physical condition and healthy long life. Sickness makes us feel weak and we can’t perform normal activities to boost up the energy level in the body we can’t deny supplement benefits regarding recovering health. If you want to take pleasure in your life you have to be in a high-quality health state and natural supplements help out you stay healthy and happy.

After an illness, you lose nutrients in your body to regain energy and to maintain your health you need natural supplements. Foods that we eat contain minerals and vital vitamins that are beneficial for human health. We lose most of the minerals and vitamins when we cook food, so to make it close to nature we should cook them less and raw vegetables and foods are healthier.

Deficiencies of these vitamins create abnormalities, and to recover their supplement are valuable and provide vital nutrients to our body. Most youngsters don’t like to eat vegetables and sometimes fruits, so in that case, natural supplements are beneficial for them and are wonderful substitutes to sustain high-quality health.

In such a case natural supplements serve the purpose of providing crucial nutrients to the body. These natural supplements also boost the immune system. In the end, if you want to live a longer and healthy life besides just being credulous on supplements you should take on healthy life approach working out, eating healthy, staying happy will help to maintain good health.

Why should I take a nutritional supplement?

Why should I take a dietary supplement?

When you find people recommending supplements everywhere, do you think that food is not enough to keep the body healthy? That’s true, food is sufficient to keep you healthy. But are you sure you are eating the right and the required amount of food? Is your food possessed all sorts of required nutrients? Are you following a healthy diet? Lots of questions… and answers… you are not fully well-informed and sure.

That’s why you will find recommendations all over the world for use of dietary supplements. These supplements ensure the delivery of all major and minor nutrients to the body. They help in numerous other body functions.

Here are some valid points answering this question:

The reason for use of these supplements is that most of us are either strictly vegetarian or non-vegetarian.  Many essential nutrients that are present in vegetables cannot be obtained by those who don’t like to eat vegetables and vice versa. Here the benefits of dietary supplements emerge. Now your food no longer remains sufficient to provide you with enough nutrients. We find that people who avoid eating meats lack vitamin B₁₂ in their diet, this is essential for preventing pernicious anemia. Similarly, you will feel fatigued, find your immunity low and even become malnourished if you are strictly following a vegetarian diet. To avoid all such troubles, use nutritional supplements. These will compensate for your losses due to lack of meat in your diet and at the same time keep you free of all the complaints of fatigue and weakness.

Supplementation is sometimes needed for newborns. It becomes essential to give them a therapeutic dose of vitamin K if the mother is deficient in it.  Sometimes, due to getting fed by a malnourished mother, the baby remains deprived of essential nutrients. They may lack vitamin D owing to poor sunlight exposure; here the need for dietary supplements comes.

Among you people, are a large number of smokers as well. Cigarette smoke is believed to block the absorption of a variety of minerals, vitamins, and different other nutrients, particularly vitamin C. Smokers need good food rich in all the important nutrients. If they cannot use such food, they can at least get benefits from dietary supplements.

Likewise, alcohol abusers also have many deficiencies in vitamins such as deficiency of vitamin B₆, vitamin B1, vitamin C, etc. So to address these deficiencies you can find dietary supplements as the best solution.

Pregnant ladies are also liable to suffer from certain important nutrient deficiencies as their food is also transported to their babies. For that reason, your gynecologist always prescribes you use certain supplements, particularly iron, calcium, and folic acid supplementation. You can also be asked to get vitamin K supplements in the 3rd trimester.

Those women who are feeding their babies also require dietary supplements as their food is usually not sufficient to fulfill their body requirements during lactation.

People who diet are likely to suffer from deficiencies in nutrients but they can prevent these deficiencies by simply adding nutritional supplements to their diet plan.

supplements healthy living

Dietary Supplements For A Healthy Living

Nutrition supplements are meant to boost your body’s energy by providing you with essential nutrients which your body is lacking. To spend an optimal life, you will be given lots of tips. You will find lots of books on stress reduction, fighting aging, weight loss, and lots of other purposes. But tell us truly, in this busy life do you get time to read all these kinds of books to make your life and health accordingly? You also heard about numerous diet plans, ways to eat, what to eat, and what to avoid but again at some point, people give up. The reason is simple; it is not easy to follow a strict way of living. Only 2 to 9 % of the people adopt such ways. Still, if we are aware of diet plans, nutrient importance and method to avoid stress, etc, implanting to practical life can be more deterring than we comprehend.

So, we need something that helps us to overcome problems, yet don’t let us put effort. Here is the good news for you in this regard. Nutritional supplements are the best answer to all your questions. Only a few people eat nutrients in the way they should be used. If you avoid adjusting your eating habits, just take dietary supplements instead. They will equally benefit you. They will maintain your body’s nutrient requirement and at the same time allow you to feel energetic, and stress-free and even help you to lose weight.

These are also beneficial for those who are not aware of the importance of nutrients for their body. They consider that there are some diseases behind their poor and weak health. Even loss of memory is attributed to a similar reason. No doubt, a disease can be the cause but most of the time it is a lack of essential nutrients that are creating all such problems. So just take dietary supplements and eliminate all such problems.

To enjoy healthy living, especially after the 5th decade of life, the use of dietary supplements may become indispensable.

Numerous nutrients are enormously essential to stop some sorts of diseases. Another motive to take dietary supplements is that there is no practical way for us to effortlessly get these nutrients through the food we consume, even from a high-quality diet.

We can get better by medical care, we can be pain-free or cure a disease but medical treatment does little to endorse good health.

By using nutrition supplements, you may get the following advantages:

  • Your body will be safe from the lethal effects of dangerous radicals since supplements act as antioxidants.
  • They boost the body’s immune system and therefore make you strong in fighting against different infections.
  • Their use may improve your memory and concentration.
  • Their use may treat different problems such as sleep problems, depression, and stress.

By winding up it can be said that good health comes with an optimistic attitude towards life. We exist and we depart this life. All through the way, we come across different choices to make.  Dietary supplements may guarantee optimal health for everyone who decides to take them.

Dietary supplements side effects

May dietary supplements have side-effect?

Dietary supplements are utilized by the majority of people owing to their healthy and beneficial effects. There are huge numbers of such supplements readily available on the market. It is estimated that approximately 44% US population is using supplements daily. Large numbers of people prefer the use of supplements over their medicines even. Herbal supplementation is quite common in our society. Being natural these are considered safe so people keep taking them for prolonged periods. These are not regulated by FDA as well so these are easily available over the counters. Using without any prescription and need may create problems themselves.

There is no uncertainty regarding the importance of these supplements, yet one should keep in mind that a few of them do have some sort of adverse effects.

The research was conducted in which it was found that the use of nutrition supplements is associated with grave kinds of side effects. We, though, cannot deny the fact that side effects arise when there is a misuse of supplements or overuse of them. Those supplements may cause a problem that is made up of unknown ingredients or little or no research has been done on them. Here we have found some supplements that possess side effects:

Kava – Kava is employed to relieve apprehension, strain, and agitation. It is also found beneficial in treating sleeplessness. Yet, it can make depression symptoms worse. It also has a significantly bad effect on the liver. If you are already suffering from any kind of liver disease or are on certain medicines that enhance liver sensitivity, consult your doctor before taking a kava supplementation.

Ginkgo – Ginkgo biloba is used as it may boost memory and concentration. It is a popular supplement among students as well as the elder people population. It may even be useful in patients with certain diseases that impact memory. Still, this herb shows interaction when you take it with medicines such as aspirin or Ibuprofen. This can lead to excessive bleeding or poor healing.

YohimbeYohimbe bark is quite famous for its useful effect in the treatment of sexual dysfunction for both men and women. It also helps in weight loss. But again it can cause some minor degree of side effects such as diarrhea, vomiting, high BP, irritability, changes in sleep patterns, rapid heartbeat, and skin rashes.

St. John’s WortSt. John’s Wort is considered good for lessening your depression and enhancing your mood. But its overuse can create problems such as severe sorts of reactions due to sunlight. It can raise the metabolism of estrogen and you will get into trouble due to its subsequent effects.

Excess Use Of Vitamin And Mineral Supplements – Since vitamins and minerals are micronutrients they are required in only little amount. If you use them in excess, they will cause harm to you. For example, if you overuse niacin supplements, it will affect your eyes.


By telling the side effects of some of the nutrition supplements, we never mean to divert your attention from them. The dietary supplements are safe! No uncertainty in it. We just want to make you aware that you should use them in a moderate amount. Those women who are conceiving a baby or nursing their babies are especially suggested to take the advice of their gynecologist before using any sort of supplements. Always purchase dietary supplements from reputable dealers and talk with your doctor before using them.

dangerous supplements

How To Use Dietary Supplements Wisely?

As we have seen that the use of nutrition supplements is quite popular among the masses, in this regard we want to give you some tips regarding their proper use. No doubt, nutritional supplements are loaded with lots of benefits. They provide us with essential nutrients that must be present in our body to fulfill the entire body’s requirements and to carry out body functions. People prefer their use because they are economical, safe time, and easy to use. Understanding nutrients and their use is a must before taking them. In this way, you can take more benefits from them.

It is crucial for all of you, who want to use these supplements, to ensure their safety and effectiveness of the particular supplements. You can follow these tips.

First of all, it is necessary to know the ingredients of supplements by which they are composed. Knowledge regarding ingredients is critical as you can then use them without any fear and apprehension. Read the label and search for the advantage and disadvantages of the ingredients. You can search for them on the internet. You will find lots of information. All will help you to find the best.

Not only look for ingredients but do go for reviews regarding the supplements you want to take. These will help you in deciding and also eliminate all your doubts. You will also get lots of information about taste, actions as well as the price of supplements.

Another thing that is imperative to know is the different types of supplements. There are vitamin supplements, herbal supplements, mineral supplements as well as amino acid supplements. You should know which supplement you want and which will bring more benefit to you. If you are a bodybuilder, you will go for those supplements which comprise proteins and amino acids. Likewise, if you are anemic, you will go for iron and folic acid supplementation. So, just focus on those supplements that your body requires.

It is also important to consider your diet while taking supplements e.g. if you are already taking necessary minerals and vitamins, then don’t go for them, as you will end up overdosing yourself with the respective supplement.

Proper time and a dose of supplements are also to be considered. For example, the use of iron supplements is considered wise before a meal so that you won’t experience gastrointestinal problems. This thing is also vital for maximum supplement absorption and correct usage by the body. Those supplements, that you are taking for building muscles, must be taken just before going to bed or after your workout. Thus, intake of supplements within the proper time and dose is essential.

Monitoring the intake and use of your nutritional supplement is also a wise step. It will help you to prevent the excess intake of supplements. The use of supplements regularly is also important if you want to get beneficial effects earlier. Be consistent and take pleasure from the beneficial effect.

Lastly, use them according to company guidelines and advice. This is because they know more about the effect of nutritional supplements as well as their pharmacokinetics


Amna Sheikh is a medical doctor with a Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS), Bachelors in Economics and Statistics.  She is also a medical writer working as a freelancer for 10+ years and she is specialized in medical, health, and pharmaceutical writing, regulatory writing & clinical research. All her work is supported by a strong academic and professional experience.
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