How to Deal with Learning Difficulties & Concentration Problems?


Learning Difficulties & Concentration Problems

Who doesn’t want to activate the brainpower to its maximum potential? Who doesn’t aim for clarity of the mind? Who doesn’t want to increase the intelligence and creativity of the brain? Everyone wants that, but what must be done to keep the ability of the brain to its maximum?

Is your child having learning concentration problems? Can’t he stay focused enough time on his homework? made considerable progress in the field of natural brain supplementation. Your child’s learning difficulties may be solved if his brain feeds the right with vitamins and amino acids.

Without doubt the brain is the most important organ in our bodies, and the secret of a complete and successful life lies within the cells of an efficient brain, the supplements, and healthy food or what it contains neurological chemicals promotes normal mental capacity and helps to focus, brain cells need specific nutrients as a building units for the manufacture of various neurotransmitters, therefore the availability of a specific element might force the brain to enhance a certain neurological power, for example, the brain cells need the Turbofan which is an amino acid exists in food and helps the brain to make a specific neurotransmitter responsible for the good mood, similarly, the brain needs for the Colin and finds it in the egg yolks to make the neurotransmitter acetylcholine which is important for memory, the conclusion is that the structure of the neurotransmitters and the biochemical functions for the receptors are always changing and some of the changes depends on the food we eat.

Some know that the temporary weakness or loss of the ability to concentrate for limited periods ranging from five minutes to thirty minutes may be a prelude to a major crisis in the brain and we must work to avoid the occurrence of that crisis, because if it occurs, the pattern of life changed completely, instead of enjoyment you may turn into a paralyzed or disabled, and unfortunately, you could face sudden death, so, did you ask yourself if you’ve fed your brain with the proper supplements to avoid such a crisis? Well, you can answer yourself after knowing the most important supplements required to enhance your brain ability and also your level of concentration.

Is Your Child Having Learning Difficulties?

Sometimes, you find that your child is lacking behind in many things. You also compare him with others children and find your child being passive and meager in various aspects. The major concerning point for all parents is when their child shows poor performance in studies. Such parents try to advise their children and put in every effort to improve their child’s performance. But they are unaware of the fact that their child may be suffering from a learning disability.

Don’t be afraid, it’s not a major or serious problem but does require your attention. If your child is suffering from a learning disability, it does not mean he has not had normal intelligence he does possess normal intelligence but the trouble is in any of the learning areas.

In this article, we will let you know about the learning difficulties and their management. It is a neurobiological disorder. Children with this condition have a brain that finds difficulty in learning things.  In case a child feels difficulty in learning owing to physical, visual, or hearing handicapping or due to certain cultural or social problems or because of mental retardation, it won’t be called learning difficulty.

It is necessary to detect this problem in your child earlier before it becomes too late to treat.  In this way, you can save your child’s future. If it is detected earlier, it tends to settle down easily. If you neglect it, your child will become more and more behind in his studies. This can lead to more frustration and also the feeling of failure in him. Such children can even be dropped out by the school authorities because they don’t want to have a bad name in their school because of students’ poor performance in their studies. If such a child enters into an adult, he may find difficulty in getting jobs and so they can suffer from social back out even. By spotting this problem early, you can save your child and he will get the treatment that may help him to reach his potential.

Learning difficulty or disability can be presented in various forms such as:

  • The problem in memorizing or learning new things
  • Difficulty in reading as these children find difficulty in recognizing or understanding words
  • Problems in speaking and listening
  • Difficulty in doing mathematics
  • Lack behind in making friends or being socially active
  • Trouble in metacognition
  • Certain physical coordination

Psycho-educational assessment can determine whether your child is suffering from this problem or not.

The management mainly aims to make your child able to survive and perform like other children. For this, you have to talk to your doctor first to rule out any other medical condition. These children are managed according to their areas of disability.

The part that requires the parents of such a child is to support their child fully. Allow him to express himself and don’t allow him to feel any kind of frustration. You should pay attention to his growth not only just his academic accomplishments. By doing so, you can help him to learn fine emotional habits that provide a ladder of success for him.


Tips To Increase Your Learning Ability

Most people find it difficult to learn different things. Due to time shortages, it is difficult for almost all of us to learn a large number of skills and information. To learn them, retention and recall both are important. If you just learn and never practice or rememorize, you will forget it easily.

To improve your learning ability, here I present some of the important tips; you can also get benefit from:

Always Have your Breakfast and Meal

You must have proper blood glucose levels in the body so to have a good concentration. When you have not taken a good meal, you will likely be feeling dizzy and hungry. This way you cannot focus or pay attention.

Listen, Look and Think

It is necessary to listen properly with due concentration to your teacher, who is teaching you. Many of the skills or lessons can be absorbed just by listening while some require visual information. Seeing things in front of you enables better chances of remembering. When you recall, the whole picture starts moving and you show better performance.

Write by Hands

The more significant way of learning well is to write what you have learned with your hands. When you write it many times, you will remember it for a long. But avoid typing, though you may learn via typing writing is still best for learning purposes.

Discuss With Your Friends

When you discuss with your friend what you are trying to learn, you will remember it more. This will help you learn complete concepts. Your friends may add more knowledge and this will enhance your information as well.

Teach to Another Person What You Have Learned

Teachers have also noted that one of the best methods to learn something is to teach it to others. When you teach others, you will realize that your concepts get cleared and you remember well for a longer time. Apply this tip today by sharing your newly acquired knowledge and skills with others. This will solidify the knowledge in your cortex.

You can write blog posts if there is no one near to share or can participate in a group discussion or different forums.

Take a Short Break

Trying to learn continuously cannot help you. You will soon lose concentration and then your mind won’t learn. So do take a break. You may walk or just switch to some music. Keep in mind breaks should not be too long or too often. It should be only for your recreation to keep you fresh and active.

Hunt For Answers Instead Of Putting Effort To Remember

If you find learning difficult, just seek only the correct answers. It is found in one study that the more you spend time trying to learn; the more probably you will be forgetting the answer in the future.

Set An Objective Or Goal

To learn for a longer time, first set your goal and mind. Prepare yourself for any hurdle and be strong.

Use of Mnemonic

These are often of great help and enable us to learn easily and perfectly. Set up your mnemonics and then try to learn.

Recognize How You Learn Best

It is one of the great strategies for enhancing your learning skills. Just try to appreciate your learning styles, ease, and habits. Then learn accordingly.

I hope all of these will help you greatly in boosting your learning abilities.

concentration problems

How To Deal With Concentration Problems

We all know how hard it is when you can’t concentrate on something. Concentration problems are the result of different stimuli, which determine the interests of another direction, ex. the appearance and onset of fatigue, diminished interest, boredom, etc.

Lack of concentration can happen in case of updating by a direct stimulus or some interests of the three steps of life, child- adult-old person. This problem was studied in laboratory research for experimental psychology as a psychological process that is relatively easy to measure.

Important studies have been developed and scientific research to identify factors involved in decreased alertness and concentration problems detection meaning that there is a way in maintaining focused attention at a higher level. The results showed that especially in the case of monotonous tasks, the concentration decreases rapidly beyond a period of 20 minutes to install fatigue.

It was found that emotional states have an important role in determining the lack of concentration, the focus and that it is an act that can be developed through an adaptive learning process. Also, interest is the tendency to give attention to objects, people, or situations, which are attractive and that we find satisfying, something like brain supplements. He fosters a desire to continue the experience started while aversion leads to abandonment and rejection.

Experimental psychological research examines, in addition to the stability of attention, distraction and phenomena, and switching its distribution. To understand the ability to maintain concentration in harmful conditions, (noise, light sources, monotony, fatigue, emotional state, etc..) we must know that any concentration is to act as a dominant focus of excitation in a given outbreak and other sub-dominated inhibition centers.

Thus, if an activity during the unilateral, dull, mobilizing processes dies with an exciting side can debate periodically, increasing focus and resolving the lack of concentration. Hence the recommendation of psychologists in a certain situation does not work in absolute silence: a piece of soft melodious music (additional driver) does not hinder the work, but a favor. But strong stimuli are complementary and disruptive inhibitors in maintaining concentration, they reduce energy activity and cause a new dominant side orientation, a new dominant (loud music, raucous, accompanied by text that leads us emotionally distracting).

The concentration problems depend on the motivation, the interest we have in the work, and its novelty and variety.

Focused attention can be sustained if the work is automated, the skills are well-established, or when we are accustomed and adapted to work in the presence of a specific excitatory disruptive workplace.

The consumption of certain brain supplements can help in concentration matters. Vitamins like the B9 vitamin or Inositol how it’s called help the organism to produce lecithin help to get the fats to a lower level, and most important the nutrition of brain cells.

, In fact, the B vitamin complex (B8 – choline, B1 – vitamin), H vitamin (biotin), the lecithin, helps in growing concentration and improving memory.

There is much more, but these are the most important brain supplements and as know it’s not that hard to get them, we can find them even in ailments like meat, dry bean, oranges, bread, peanut butter, and oysters.


Foods that may help you to increase your concentration

  • Eating breakfast stimulates your brain: studies have found that eating breakfast can improve short-term memory and concentration; therefore students who eat breakfast tend to perform significantly better than those who do not eat, but don’t eat until you reach satiety because the researchers also found that breakfast with high-calorie appears to disable the brain ability to focus.
  • Fish is really the brain food: the source of protein is found in fatty fish rich with omega-3 fatty acids, which are necessary for brain functions and development, for these healthy fats have amazing power to enhance brain functions.
  • Sugar can improve attention and awareness: sugar is the source of fuel preferred by our brain, not the sugar from foods but the glucose resulting from body metabolism of sugar and eating carbohydrates, thus, drinking a glass of something sweet can provide a short-term push for the memory, concentration, and other mental abilities.

We can’t deny that as we grow old, our bodies grow old with us too; the good news is that you can increase your chances of maintaining a healthy brain if you add smart foods and beverages to your diet.

You can also find a lot of natural brain supplements out there which can help you in boosting your brain capabilities and functions. Memory and concentration can be considerably increased with the right supplement.

If your child has difficulties in learning new things because of a lack of concentration you should consider helping him by feeding his brain naturally with the right vitamins and amino acids brain supplements. He doesn’t need to suffer anymore, as, with a little help from science, his learning sessions could be a real joy.


Amna Sheikh is a medical doctor with a Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS), Bachelors in Economics and Statistics.  She is also a medical writer working as a freelancer for 10+ years and she is specialized in medical, health, and pharmaceutical writing, regulatory writing & clinical research. All her work is supported by a strong academic and professional experience.
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