Best natural brain remedies

Herbs good for brain health Different kinds of herbs have been known to provide remedies for various ailments. Likewise, they have been associated with brain functions. It is said that they have ample positive effect on our brain. These herbs boost up many functions of the brain. Herbs have been in use for so many […]

Starving yourself bad for your health

Food deprivation is dangerous Food deprivation is a condition in which one eats food too low or remains deprived of it. There are lots of reasons that compel the person to be deprived of food. Some may do it intentionally while some unintentionally. Factors Leading To Food Deprivation Anger Frustration For losing weight Due to […]

Importance of regular eating

We all people are busy in the hustle and bustle of our lives. We all have to handle busy schedules. We become so much busy with our work, that we take eating for guaranteed. It becomes our secondary importance while our work the price importance. People don’t know that eating regularly and on time is […]

Balanced diets

A diet is the kind of food on which we live. A balanced diet is a food that is enriched with amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients in such a proportion and quantity sufficient to maintain our vivacity, health, and welfare. Having a balanced diet connotes eating the right kind of food in the […]

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