How to Improve the Self-Esteem?

How to Improve the Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence?

Low Self Esteem. How to Improve the Self-Esteem?

Self-confidence or self-esteem is a state of self-assurance by which a person becomes able to achieve what he/ she desires. It is very important in various aspects of our life. Being confident, you can conquer many things. We all need to be confident in several stages of our life. Wherever our confidence drags, we also slip from the ladder of success. That’s why self-esteem or confidence matters a lot to be triumphant.

Those people who have low confidence lack behind in different aspects than confident people. It somehow begins in the children if children are made to think that they are of no value. It also begins when children are scolded repeatedly rather than praised or appreciated. When parents do not praise their child’s any sort of deed, the child starts losing confidence, and this thing if continues enters into his/ her all stages of life. Their self-confidence gets eroded and they believe that they can never attain any achievement or victory in anything they do or perform. Many children are grown up in such an environment where they are laughed at, called bad names, neglected, pushed around, and deal with contempt.

These children when entering into adult life, suffer many problems just owing to their low confidence. It can destroy a person’s personality; he cannot express properly what he wants and cannot talk and behave in a manner a confident person behaves or talks. There is always a sort of hesitation in the person with low confidence.

One of the major drawbacks of low confidence is that it can ruin our social life. The low confident people want to be social, and active and want to have lots of friends, but only because of their low self-esteem, they cannot enjoy this blessing. They are always thought that they will look odd if they initiate any talk or they will be scorned. In fact, they are afraid of some unknown fear and it holds them back. So, they cannot make too many friends. They often feel reluctant in meeting their own relatives. In this way, they completely wreck their social life.

On the other hand, a confident person can stir confidence in others such as their family members, their friends, and their bosses. They gain the confidence of others as well and it is one of the crucial ways of getting success in different areas of life.

Low confidence has never helped anyone. It only leads to a feeling of depression, frustration, and inferiority complex.

The need is to overcome it by any means. Those children who grow up with low self-confidence can regain their confidence easily if handled with love and care. Though it may take time it is not impossible. When we become mature and so our thoughts start thinking with reasons. If we are aware of the importance of confidence, we will try our best to develop ourselves as well.

So, all those people with low self-confidence control your mental state. You should believe that you are not worthless. God has made everything useful. Just gain trust in yourself, don’t belittle yourself, and don’t waste time with feelings of insufficiency. Be confident and be successful!

Increase Your Low Self-Confidence

10 Tips To Increase Your Low Self-Confidence

Confidence in life is very important. To be confident, you are victorious in various fields. Confidence is essential for both boys and girls to achieve their targets. With increased confidence, you feel happier. For it, it is necessary to love and appreciate your body rather cursing it. It has been found that those who accept their minds, selves, and bodies are triumphant in various aspects of life. Here you can find 10 tips to increase your confidence.

Accept the fact that you won’t feel affection for EVERY part of the body

You can accept and acknowledge yourself. It is possible that you don’t like certain parts of your body but try to be confident about them. Don’t mourn about them instead accept the fact that you cannot have each and every part of your body perfectly.

Realize That There Is No One Perfect In This World

Usually, we think that someone is confident because he/ she has everything perfect. But it is not the case. We are not sure that he/she may be having some shortcomings and these are hidden just because they are confident about themselves and don’t express and show their weaknesses. To accept the fact that no one is perfect, so feeling deplored will be of no use at all.

Overlook Other People’s Set Standards

Our confidence loses whenever we think that if we do this, how others will think. We start thinking about other people’s standards. But this is quite a wrong idea. Whatever the situation, just stay confident and maintain your own standards. Don’t care for others. You cannot have the same values as others have and howsoever hard you try. If you lack something i.e. you are overweight, too frivolous or too feckless, etc, hold and maintain yourself to your standards. 

Sets Your Limits

Set your limits so that you won’t act either as being under-confident or overconfident. Confidence should be moderate.

Be Positive and Think Positive

Thinking positive is also essential in gaining confidence. Being optimistic you will be confident in even some bad or critical situations while pessimist persons early lose all their confidence.

Imagine Yourself Positively

This is also one of the basic reasons behind self-confidence. People are confident because they consider and imagine themselves in a positive way in any situation.

Look At Your Abilities

We ask you to make a list of all your abilities, strengths, and qualities. Look at the list every day and try to improve them further.

Feel Good and Keep a Good Mood

When you require a rapid improvement in your self-confidence discover three things that make you feel fine. This will erase all the negative thinking and mood. You will immediately gain confidence. Our state of mind is decided by our moods. In a good mood, we think positively and take pleasure in every moment.

Pay Attention To Feedback

We all should welcome healthy criticism or feedback. These can help in further improvement. If someone gives feedback, we must incorporate them into our upgrading. Feedbacks are helpful as we can’t see all facets of a situation.

Aim Higher

Be ambitious always. Set your goals and target and Look forward to attaining them. Being ambitious, you will see your destination and it will keep you confident throughout your way of hard work and success.

Brain Supplements Can Increase Self-Esteem

Brain Supplements Can Increase Self-Esteem and Reduce Negative Feelings

“I can’t, I’m not able to do, I’m not sure I can, and let’s discuss the matter with…” All these and more are expressions we say or hear from our surroundings. The lack of confidence is a problem that faces you and hinders your life. As your life needs to face it with your full confidence, if you be afraid of confronting your decisions, you will judge by failure in your life. You will lose a lot of golden chances which may change your life, just only because of the lack of your self-confidence. You can’t make a decision alone, and you always need other people’s support.

You should increase your confidence because if you are alone in a place you have to make decisions on your own and do it with full self-confidence. Your negative image and impression of yourself are not true. You should change it to a positive image.

Many of us suffer from a lack of self-confidence and always suffer from a negative image of ourselves by variable degrees. It’s a variable state. This is determined in many ways. There are external factors and internal factors which affect your self-confidence, and the negative image you have about yourself.

How can you increase your self-confidence and reduce your negative feelings?

Many people who suffer from a lack of self-confidence and have a negative image of themselves seek to have medical prescriptions and many drugs as they hope to treat their condition.

But there are many side effects of the drugs which stabilize your mood. And the most important point is that there are many factors that affect your sense of confidence and the way your mind function.

If you do not deal with them and change them to good supporting points, drugs will not be able to change anything.

Simple ways you can use to change your lack of self-confidence and your negative image of yourself to self-confidence stats.

To know ways of improvement we should know some factors, such as the hormonal states, neurotransmitter concentrations, glucose level which energizes you, and your oxygen levels which nourish your brain. All of them can be corrected in a simple way by nutrition.

You can change your life by your diet. The solution is really simple. You should just supply through food or natural brain supplements all the amino acids, vitamins, and minerals that can nourish your brain.

Your diet should be well-balanced and rich in proteins. Also, you should be mindful of the sources of essential amino acids, rich in carbohydrates that nourish your brain. You need healthy fats to get the lipids that are so important in the formation of nerves, which transmit the neurotransmitters, and also vitamins and minerals.

It’s also important to stay away from people who try to give you a bad impression of yourself.

If you stay in an environment that increases your sense of depression try to change it, as depression plays an important role in building your image about yourself, if you can’t change the environment you can add the new, cheerful thing you like which has a great effect on in your sensation of self-confidence, as the sense of happiness and cheerfulness increase your sense of self-confidence.


Amna Sheikh is a medical doctor with a Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS), Bachelors in Economics and Statistics.  She is also a medical writer working as a freelancer for 10+ years and she is specialized in medical, health, and pharmaceutical writing, regulatory writing & clinical research. All her work is supported by a strong academic and professional experience.
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