Exercises To Burn Your Belly Fat

belly fat

Are you upset because of your large amount of belly fat? Are you looking for some innovative ways of losing them? Because we know how hard is to lose weight, especially in that area of your body, we recommend you to check out these simple exercises. We assure you that these will help you in burning your extra tummy fats. If you put enough of your time and energy into this, you can get back in shape in no time.

Crunch – Crunches are always considered superior if you want to target the fats and muscles of your tummy. These can be performed in various ways. In this workout, the pressure is exerted more on the abdomen and so allows you to put in the extra effort.

To perform crunches, lay down on a floormate. Your legs should be flexed at your knee while your hands should be behind your head. Now gently move your shoulder towards the pelvis but your elbows should not be flexed on raising. Breathe in while you lie on the floor and breathe out while you curl up. Do these in at least 3 to 4 sets comprising of 10 crunches for 30 minutes. Start with a low count and increase it gradually.

You can also perform crunches with the help of an exercise ball. You will require your whole body to perform this exercise. To carry out this exercise, be positioned on the ball with the help of your lower back fully maintained. Put your hands behind the head. To raise the torso off the ball, use your abdominal muscles to pull the bottom of the rib cage in the direction of the hips. It is necessary to maintain the ball constant as you curl up then lower your back down to widen the abs. you must do it in 2 to 3 sets for 10 to 15 repeats.

Long Arm Crunch – It is similar to other types of crunches but here you have to hold your arm behind you and your arms are straight. This will add a lever and a more challenging workout. Now lay down on the floormate while your arms will be straight behind and near your ears. Now move your shoulder so that they leave the floor while your arms remain straight. Perform this in 1 to 3 sets and repeat then 10 to 15 times. You can increase the time and repeat.

Scissors – It is also found to be quite effective. To do this extend both legs; lift your head and shoulders. Now lift your left leg at an angle of around 90 degrees by grasping your leg with both hands. Now elevate your right leg up off the floor. Breathe out and perform a similar workout with another leg.

Leg lifts – Lay down on the floormate while your arms should be at your sides. Raise the leg straight to an angle of about 90 degrees. Hold them in the same position for a few seconds and then lower down your leg but avoid touching it to the ground. Take breathe in while your legs are on the floor and take breathe out while elevating your legs.

To burn extra belly fats, not only these exercises are only enough, you need to cut down your calories as well. A good time to exercise is after your breakfast. Drink a large amount of water and take green tea.

You will succeed in attaining a flat abdomen free of extra fats!


Amna Sheikh is a medical doctor with a Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS), Bachelors in Economics and Statistics.  She is also a medical writer working as a freelancer for 10+ years and she is specialized in medical, health, and pharmaceutical writing, regulatory writing & clinical research. All her work is supported by a strong academic and professional experience.

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